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Rollins College: Caitlin

A weekend skiing gets me excited for summer!!!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho!! Sun Valley is one of my all time favorite places in the whole world. I am sure a lot of you think of potatoes when you think of Idaho, but I think of gorgeous mountains, amazing hiking, spending time with family and friends and great shopping!!! My family and I spend our summers in Sun Valley and always try to get out there during the winter as well!

Unfortunately, it was much too cold to be rocking any EG dresses, but luckily my EG sunglasses came in handy! 

As summer is quickly approaching, I am getting pumped!! In the summer in Sun Valley, there are so many fun outdoor concerts and I am cannot wait to pair my new “Lauren” dress with cowboy boots!!!! I think it will be such a cute combo! I also love the Lauren dress because the strap in the back is detachable!! So it can be totally open back or you can mix it up with the pretty strap! I love the combination of knee high boots with a dress that has a shorter hem! It makes the dress super fun and helps dress it down!

Where is your favorite spot to go see concerts in the summer? Mine is the Sun Valley Pavilion shown below! The best show I saw here was Garth Brooks last summer. I went with a few of my girlfriends and then we had an outdoor BBQ after. It was one of the most perfect days of summer and certainly one of my fondest memories!

Rollins College: Caitlin

My First Trunk Show!! 

My first trunk show was this past week and, let me tell you, it was SO much fun!! Jackie came up and helped me out and we had the best time ever. Meeting so many new girls on campus, telling them about Emma Graham and watching girls ooh and ahh over all the amazing clothes were certainly a few of the highlights from my day. The best part about the day though, was going live on Rollins Radio and talking about Emma Graham!


 Jackie and I in the Campus Center at Rollins College pre- trunk show! I paired the “Leah” dress with a Lilly Pulitzer necklace, pearls and metallic Jack Rogers!


 The set up!! I loved the balloons and all of the colors!

Amazing Emma Graham cupcakes that my roommate, Rachel, made especially for the trunk show!! They were a huge hit! Any goodies attract people!


Amazing new EG purchases!!! Rachel (in the middle), EG Valentine’s Day Contest Winner, can’t wait to wear her Berekely skirt for Easter!! Alex (far right) couldn’t get over the adorable pearl button on the “Sammi” skirt! She said that it was the selling point!


 I cannot wait for my next trunk show! I am hoping to do it at one of the boutiques on Park Avenue in Winter Park!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! It’s finally warming up across the country so I’m sure everyone is rocking their EG skirts and/or dresses!!

Rollins College: Caitlin


“Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world”
-Bette Midler

 Who doesn’t love shoes? I know I do. I have a slight obsession with shoes. Here is a guide to the 6 different types of shoes I believe are necessary in any fashion savvy woman’s closet.

The Wedge. My personal favorite is the Juniper wedge by Michael Kors. I can honestly say I own this wedge in two colors (I told you I have a shoe obsession…). It is by far the MOST COMFORTABLE wedge I have ever owned. I love pairing it with white jeans and it also looks amazing with the “Sammi” skirt by Emma Graham with a gold top. 

 Black pump. The ideal black pump is the “Bianca” by Christian Louboutin. An amazing shoe that you will ultimately have for the rest of your life. But for a black pump that doesn’t break the bank I would go with the Vince Camuto “Korsi” pump.



 Ballet flat. I am in love with J. Crew ballet flats. They use the softest leather EVER and they have an incredible amount of choices. Here are a few of my favorites. I love the pop of color that the mint flats can add to any outfit. 

Jack Rogers. Since I do go to school in the warm, sunny weather I can say I probably get the most use out of my Jack Rogers. I wear them to the pool, to the beach, to class and pretty much anywhere else my life takes me. You can dress them up or dress them down and they look amazing with pretty much any Emma Graham dress or skirt that exists. You can’t go wrong with a metallic gold or silver pair of Jack’s. But don’t be afraid to get creative with your Jack’s since they come in any color you could dream of! You can even monogram them!

Boots. Lastly, a good pair of boots is something that can pull an outfit together in an instant. Ralph Lauren makes beautiful riding boots with unbelievable leather. You pretty much can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren riding boots. I have the “Sonya” boot by Ralph Lauren. I am dying to pair these with the “Griffin” dress by Emma Graham. I think it would be the perfect combination!    

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! My first trunk show is coming up on March 19th and I am beyond excited! I can’t wait for girls at Rollins to see all Emma Graham has to offer!! 

Rollins College: Caitlin

Spring Break!

My spring break is coming up next week and I have to stay at school for a few extra days for the annual Rollins Women’s golf tournament. A lot of girls would be upset that they have to stay on campus for a few days of their spring break, but I don’t mind!! I am super excited to spend time with the girls on my team and we hope to win the golf tournament we are hosting!! Also, the weather in Winter Park is absolutely perfect so I feel like I am on vacation at Rollins!!! Here is a picture of the girls on my team and I at Rollins!! I am the 3rd from the left. I was talking with my Coach yesterday and I came up with the idea of Emma Graham possibly designing golf skirts for us next year!!! I thought that they would be super cute and comfy and we would stand out from all of the other girls!!!

After spending a few days at Rollins for spring break, I am heading home to sunny Jupiter, Florida!!! Jupiter is my favorite place in the whole world and I can’t wait to sleep in late, spend time with my friends and family at the beach and go out on the boat as much as possible!! I am going to wear my new “Leah” dress from Emma Graham to dinner at The Breakers in Palm Beach! Can’t wait!!


This is a perfect night in Jupiter

This is last Spring Break in Jupiter

Rollins College-Caitlin

Cooking healthy!! 

Food, food, food. It is one of my obsessions for sure. If I weren’t careful, I could certainly consume a scary amount of calories in one day. At Rollins, sophomores are required to live on campus so I live in an on campus apartment with two of my friends. We have our own kitchen and I have found that I really enjoy cooking!!! 

Below I am going to list a few tips to modify recipes so they are lower in calories and just healthier overall!!

1.     Try to avoid oil and butter as much as possible. If a recipe calls for 1 cup of oil, you can certainly cut it down to ½ a cup or even less, if you would like. If the recipe calls for butter, try a butter substitution. Some butter substitutions are margarine or “I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter.” These substitutions contain at least half the calories of normal butter. Also, make “Pam” your best friend!!!

2.     Cut down on salt in recipes!! Many recipes call for an unhealthy amount of salt. Cutting down the salt will not reduce calories, but most Americans consume more salt than they really need on a daily basis!! Cutting down salt will reduce bloating, and after a while your taste buds will adjust!

3.     Sugar!!!! A lot of recipes call for sugar overload. If a recipe calls for ½ cup of sugar, try using a ¼ cup of sugar or less and adding Stevia or Truvia. Stevia and Truvia are natural sweeteners that contain 0 calories! I wouldn’t recommend completely replacing sugar with Stevia or Truvia because the taste of your dish may become too altered.  

4.     Invest in nonstick pans! This way, you can avoid using oil to grease your pan before cooking or baking. Using oil to cook can quickly add a lot of unwanted fat and calories to your food!!

Happy baking! Remember, you can mess around with all these tips and see how it turns out!!!

Rollins College-Caitlin

1.     Fashion Icon: Blake Lively. She knows how to wear clothes for her body and wears everything with a sense of confidence!

2.     Thing you are looking most forward to about being a Design Consultant: I cannot WAIT to get the word out about Emma Graham at Rollins and I can’t wait for girls to see all the amazing clothes in the new line.

3.     Favorite Emma Graham piece (new or old collections): the new Leah dress is a perfect dress for a night out. I love the cut of the dress in the back, classy while showing just enough skin!

4.     Plans after Graduation?: To stay in sunny Florida and work for a public relations or marketing company 

5.     Favorite thing to do on a Saturday?: Go the Farmers Market in Winter Park, walk down Park Ave. and go to the pool!

6.     Dinner for 2 or party with 100? Party with 100

7.     Heels or Flats? Wedges!!  

8.     Twitter or Facebook:? Facebook used to be my go to, but Twitter is definitely growing on me!

9.     2012 New Year’s Resolution?: Do Yoga at least once a week

10.  What’s #1 on your Ipod Top 25 Most Played Songs Playlist?: Lazy Afternoon by Rebelution

Rollins College-Caitlin

The Library

So I don’t know about everyone else, but the library at Rollins is a great place to get work done…. And also a great place to get no work done at all!!! I am going to share with you a few tips I have learned to actually be productive in the library.

  • Do NOT sit by the door where everyone comes in and out. How in the world do you expect to get 100 pages of reading done if you are going to be the library greeter and socialize with everyone that walks through that door? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sitting here every once in a while but I know when I do sit near the door, I leave with fabulous dinner plans and a load of unfinished work.
  •  Reward yourself! If you have been working hard for an hour, give yourself 15 minutes of Facebook time or 15 minutes to peruse the Emma Graham website! But be careful not to get sucked in!!! 15 minutes can quickly turn into 30 minutes, then 40 minutes and so on. I know you all know what I am talking about: 

“Okay, I will get off Facebook at 9:17.”

“ Okay, 9:23 and I am off Facebook forever…”

Suddenly, its 10:00 and you’ve done nothing but looked at the same pictures from last night over and over and over again… And you still have that test at 8 AM that you haven’t begun studying for.

  • Go to a quiet floor!! These are the best for being super productive. I can do an hour’s worth of work on a quiet floor in an hour. And on a non-quiet floor, the same amount of work will easily take me 2 hours or I just won’t finish it at all. If you have to do your work on a non-quiet floor, put your headphones on with your favorite music and zone out!!
  •  If you are going to the library with your friends, remember you don’t have to sit with them! There are plenty of times that I have gone to the library with my friends and when we get to the library, we all split up!! Everyone is different and is productive in different atmospheres. At Rollins, I know I am most productive in the Tower Room. The Tower Room is all the way at the top of the library and has a 360-degree view of Rollins. It’s really peaceful and beautiful! But some of my friends are way more productive in the Pillow Room than the Tower Room. Find a spot that works for you and use it to your advantage!

What are your study tips? Where are your favorite places to get homework done?